Sunday, February 28, 2010

so i've been neglectful

didn't know how busy life would be after law school.

Anyway, I haven't forgotten my dear blog, nor have I stopped creating wonderful food concoctions!

Tonight was breakfast for dinner. I'll need to start taking more pictures of my food, but tonight was pure laziness. We came home from the weekend at my parents and I hadn't set out anything to cook. So...breakfast it was. A few weekends ago my parents, adam, and I ventured to Costco, we have a Sams card, but my dad was in search of hashbrowns in a box. Yes, it does sound odd but you rehydrate them in hot water and then cook them. They are delicious. So he got them, and we spent about $200 in other food items. He gave adam and i a box to try so tonight I filled the box with hot water and watched them expand! Mom and Dad also gave me 2 cartons of eggs, the chickens are laying about 15 eggs a day!

So I started dinner by busting out my cast iron skillet and throwing down a big ole hunk of bacon fat. Yep, that's right i save my bacon fat in a little ramkin in the fridge it gets hard and then melts down lovely in my skillet. Then I dumped in the hashbrowns, seasoned and walked away. well not really. I opened up my freezer and pulled out the english muffin bread that I hide there for just these occasions and popped pieces in the toaster. then got to work on the eggs, beautiful fresh farm eggs over-easy in coconut oil! so healthy and so satisfying. after flipping the hashbrowns and buttering the toast, heaped up the plates and dumped on some red hot sauce for good measure. dinner was very satisfying!

before all that started i put all the ingredients in the bread machine for flax seed bread! healthy and yummy. I try to always make my own bread, its cheaper and tastes so much better, plus I know what is going in it!

And i just finished making chocolate covered peanut butter balls to take with me on Friday when I head back to where I graduated high school to visit with some old friends! tomorrow i'll make some peppermint patties and tuesday some thin mints. And there may or may not be a Guiness cake in there somewhere! yeah, i'm crazy!

anyway, that's all for now. pictures tomorrow i promise!

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