Tuesday, July 7, 2009

unCANny tomato soup

After last nights scrumptious homemade pizza, I still had some remaining tomatoes and basil. Since we are leaving for vacation tomorrow, I wanted to get good use of them. Also having a lot of bread that will likely get bad before we leave, nothing sounded more delicious than homemade tomato soup and grilled cheese! YUM!

I will admit I have historically been a canned soup consumer. Not that I haven't made some from scratch before, but I can't resist picking up a few cans each time I notice a sale! While every recipe I found used canned tomatoes I figured I'd get the best of both worlds by using canned soup and fresh tomatoes. Here is my recipe:
unCANny Tomato Basil Soup: 2 cans condensed tomato soup 2 cans of milk plus a dash 2 roma tomatoes chopped and unseeded small bunch of basil dash of seasonings: sea salt, fresh ground pepper, and italian seasoning blend teaspoon or so of minced garlic

Dumped in everything, heated through and then blended with an immersion blender. The only difference I made with mine is I added some other tomato flavored leftovers, a splash of leftover V8 spicy juice, and a wee bit of organic tomato sauce, I just needed to use those leftovers!

With a side of grilled cheese, this was a very satisfying meal! I only wish I had some crustier bread other than split-top wheat. Maybe a homemade sourdough grilled cheese next time?! YUM!

The husband even ate his whole bowl! So I know this works for us! Next time I'll probably not use canned soup, but I just had to get rid of what's left in my pantry.

As always,

Good Luck and Happy Eating!

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